Lab Notes

From Our Lab to Yours — A Knowledge Index for Product Builders

Welcome to Lab Notes. This space is dedicated to sharing what we’ve learned from our journey in the tech industry, spanning strategies, ideas, and the direct applications that have shaped our careers and ventures. It’s a compilation of both long-term learnings and emerging thoughts, emphasizing the importance of documenting the process as ideas evolve.

Knowledge Index, aka “Second Brain” 🧠

Our Knowledge Index, or “second brain🧠 second brain – a method for indexing what you know, experienced, or learned for future reference, especially useful for stuff easily forgotten yet is the basis of your future beliefs. This is an idea coined by Tiago Forte and illustrated and written about by Maggie Appleton while taking a course on it. This concept is adjacent in philosophy to digital gardens. ,” distills pivotal lessons from our experiences, blending enlightening conversations, essential readings, and practical challenges and solutions. It embodies our dedication to documenting the insights and thought processes that shape our actions, teamwork, and strategies. Amidst the fast pace of work, capturing the depth of our learning is daunting, yet crucial. Our goal is to transform these real-time observations into principles and practices that guide us and you, inviting everyone into a journey of continuous learning and growth. This initiative aims to demystify the intricate aspects of our work—our thinking, connections, and what truly leads to success.

Our Content Evolution

In Lab Notes, you’ll encounter articles at various stages of refinement:

🍵 Brew : Emerging ideas and observations, fresh and exploratory.
🧪 Potion : Developed concepts, tested and analyzed.
🌌 Eternal : Fully-realized insights, our evergreen content.

For Every Digital Mind  

Recognizing the diversity of our audience, each note is crafted with a specific type of reader in mind:

These personas ensure that you can easily find content that resonates with your interests and professional focus. Which one do you identify with the most?

Aspiring Strategists

Aspiring Strategists are at the budding stages of their careers. They are seeking guidance to navigate the transition from being primarily technical or design-focused to becoming more strategy and product-driven.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

Entrepreneurial Spirits have embarked on their own business ventures, and are looking for validation, guidance, and inspiration from experienced individuals who have been through similar journeys.

Connective Visionaries

Deeply curious and empathetic, Connective Visionaries see everything as interconnected: people, ideas, and industries. They use their wide-ranging knowledge and networks to blend detailed precision with a broad strategic vision.

Precision Analysts

Characterized by a focus on diligent work, a passion for truth and problem-solving, and an emphasis on precision and collaboration, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Force Multipliers

Force Multipliers have a knack for finding ways to optimize systems and connections to unlock potential. They enhance efficiency and multiply collective force by harmonizing workflows and amplifying interdependencies.

Knowledge Guardians

With abundant sympathy, Knowledge Guardians internalize their own experiences when learning and seek to create a path to knowledge acquisition for others that's easier, more enjoyable, and encouraging.


Holistic Leaders
Fulfillment Chasers

We plan to write for other audiences too (Holistic Leaders and Fulfillment Chasers), but are not focusing on them at the moment.

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Abstract shape that looks like a blob of baby-blue paint, positioned behind the subscribe interface.