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👋 We’re Vertico Labs

A dedicated studio creating digital tools and content for product builders. From launching startups to mentoring engineering teams, our journey has given us a wealth of insights that we’re eager to share.


Consider this space as our “second brain” – a live repository of our experiences, insights, and valuable lessons.

Committed to Product Builders

Our goal? Deliver content that resonates and sparks fresh ideas. Dive into our Lab Notes for in-depth articles, and stay updated with our Monthly Newsletter inspired by our favorite engineering conversations – insightful, conversational, and tuned into the tech industry’s heartbeat.

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Topics We Cover

  • Leadership & Management
  • Productivity & Work Habits
  • Personal Growth
  • Product Strategy & Planning
  • Team Culture & Collaboration
  • Technical & Design Strategy
  • Industry Context & Perspectives

Lab Notes

You’ll find more permanent writings on the Lab Notes page. Borrowing from the digital garden concept of learning in public, we want to treat our pieces as something that we nurture over time — publishing them is just the beginning!


To that end, we have a few tiers to mark their stages of life: 🍵 Brew , 🧪 Potion , and 🌌 Eternal ; Eternal being the most refined, “evergreen” content.


We also identify a main audience type for each piece: Aspiring Strategists, Force Multipliers, Entrepreneurial Spirits, Connective Visionaries, Holistic Leaders, Precision Analysts, Fulfillment Chasers and Knowledge Guardians.


Curious to know more? Head to Lab Notes to get a full breakdown.