Mission & Values

To craft tools and content that resonate with product builders and leaders, ensuring the internet remains a garden for human creativity and collaboration.

Girl with hair in a bun, sitting cross-legged on an abstract beanbag-chair-like shape. She is casual and comfortable settled into her space.
“Place to Live”  

When learning something new, it’s smart to pick a starting point and really get familiar with it. Like setting up a home base, it gives you a secure foundation to venture out from as you explore and add to your growing knowledge.

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People over process  

Putting people first, no matter who they are – staff, peers, customers, partners, or website visitors. The product and sales process never take priority over the humans involved. Those who invest in or partner with us can trust this commitment.

A young person squatting while pondering, seemingly eager and open to participate in their environment.

Staying open and eager to discover. Following threads wherever they lead, whether it’s unraveling a problem’s root cause or stumbling upon new tools and techniques through exploration and conversations. Wandering with purpose.

Illustration of a cheerful guy sitting casually on the floor, slightly cross-legged. Seems at ease participating in his environment.

Taking responsibility for a project’s progress. Pushing forward with momentum despite roadblocks. Drawing on your own drive or rallying the team to regain lost progress. Tracking and finding ways to prevent issues. Encouraging team growth. Owning both the hard and soft skills required.


Desire for creative and sometimes scrappy thinking – this also includes making space in one’s life to be prepared for creativity – eg. eating well, sleeping well, setting up schedule to embrace big picture, big vision thinking, allowing for pondering and hypotheticals.

Who We Are

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Angela Murrell

🌱 Vertico Labs Partner

Alumni B26 @ 500 Startups
Former VP @ GovExec & Technical Co-founder @ The Atlas for Cities

I found myself immersed in the web during its creative bloom in the early 2000s. Neopets, Xanga, LiveJournal—you name it, I was probably tinkering with it. Leaving UCSD behind, I chose a path less traveled, diving into web programming when many didn’t even consider it a legit career. This journey took me from blending design with backend tasks to co-founding “The Atlas for Cities”. I went through the 500 Startups accelerator with an all-female, first-time founder team, during the peak of the pandemic. We were able to pivot from the VC route and were successfully acquired in 2020. As we head into 2024, I’m gearing up for another adventure with “Port 87” and am excited to share my knowledge here at Vertico Labs.

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Grey Vugrin

🌱 Vertico Labs Partner

🏛️ Lead Software Engineer @ GovExec

Former Director of Web Engineering @ The Atlas for Cities

While I call San Diego my birthplace, my early years were shaped by a decade spent in Europe, learning, adapting, and growing. I’ve always walked the line between logic and creativity. Whether it’s diving deep into analytical games like chess or crafting wooden furniture and digital designs, my interests are broad and deep. My decade in the industry saw me stepping into roles that demanded strategy, mentorship, and a keen understanding of both the technical and human elements of projects. With a renewed interest in writing and an upcoming AI project on the horizon, I’m eager to contribute my blend of experiences to our collective journey here.

We’re Angela and Grey, a duo that’s always had a knack for tinkering and exploring the digital realm from its early days. Remember the time when HTML was learned from thick reference books to craft the perfect Neopets guild page? Or when CSS was an edgy tool just to make a MySpace page stand out? That was our playground.


Our thirst for creation wasn’t just limited to early web designs. It evolved into building systems, products, and teams, spanning across diverse companies. Some experiences were truly golden, teaching us the intricacies of the digital world, and molding us into the professionals we are today. Over the years, we’ve evolved, adapted, and gained invaluable insights that we’re excited to share!


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